The quick and easy iOS 12 guide

iOS 12 on phones at WWDC

First revealed at WWDC 2018, iOS 12 will ship in the coming weeks

I’ve been using iOS 12 since the first beta. In that time I’ve been impressed with its stability and performance, even on older devices (including iPhone 6). I’ve put together a good number of iOS 12 guides in that time and thought it might be useful to gather these together here.

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The iOS 12 upgrade guide

If you’ve not upgraded to iOS 12 yet do make sure to read this guide to help ensure a seamless transition once you do.

iPad user interface guide

iOS 12 introduces a slightly different way of controlling your iPad. This now works much more like the UI on an iPhone X, XS, XR or XS Max, suggesting plans to put FaceID in future Apple tablets. It may be a system shock at first, but you’ll soon learn how to navigate your tablet properly with this short guide.

Shortcuts Gallery on an iPad Pro

Shortcuts Gallery on an iPad Pro

How to use Siri Shortcuts

One of the most exciting features within the new iOS, Siri Shortcuts lets you create spoken word commands to automate repetitive tasks. The system is also smart enough to recommend new shortcuts when you want it to do so. How to use Siri Shortcuts. You may also be interested in learning how to build a Siri Shortcut that lets you switch between Apple Maps and Google Maps when you drive.

How to use Apple’s Dual SIM tech

Apple’s Dual SIM feature means you’ll be able to carry two lines on your iPhone, one based on an actual SIM, the other on an e-SIM. While only a few carriers support the feature at this time (it appears later this fall), here is what you need to know to begin using the new feature.

How to use Password Auditing

Brand new in iOS 12 (and Mojave), Password Auditing will help you ensure you don’t use the same password on multiple sites and confirm that those passwords you do use are secure. It’s a helpful and powerful feature. This article explains how it works.

Security Code Autofill

How Security Code Autofill works on iOS

How to use Security Autofill on iOS 12

The new Security Autofill feature helps you make better use of dual factor authentication by automating some of the most repetitive parts of the process.

How to use third-party password managers

iOS 12 lets you use thir-party password managers such as Dashlane and 1Password with your iPhone or iPad. That’s useful if you use multiple platforms, as it gives you the convenience of always having your password/code for all the sites you use on every device through a familiar interface. Here is how to set your iOS device up for use with a third-party management solution.

A guide to all iOS 12’s security enhancements

Apple has packed a huge swathe of security enhancements inside of iOS 12. Here is a short tour of all of these.

Screen Time for apps

You can also set time limits for specific apps

How to use iOS 12’s App Limits feature

App Limits is a feature in the new OS that restricts use of certain apps, either completely or only to a scheduled amount of time. It’s part of Apple’s Screen Time app, which shows you how you have been using your device and helps you plan for a digital detox. I have two guides here: Everything you need to know about iOS 12’s Screen Time and also How to use iOS 12’s App Limits feature. One more thing: Here is how children are already undermining the limits.

How to use the Thesaurus in iOS 12

File under the tiny but useful feature, the new Thesaurus in iOS 12 should help you find the word you most need to use – though you’ll need to know how to reach it and use it first. Here’s a guide.

How to add Google Maps or Waze to CarPlay

Another change in iOS 12 lets you use alternative maps to Apple Map with your in-car CarPlay system. You need to be running the latest Google Maps or Waze update on the latest edition of iOS 12 for this to work, and while the experience is described as a little patchy, the choice and experience may make a difference to you. Here is how to use the new feature.

Measure is also helping create new AR experiences.

How to use Measure in iOS 12

iOS 12 supports a Measure app. This lets you measure the distance between two points, and it’s really rather good fun (and excellent to estimate carpet or flooring, for example.) Here’s the quickest guide you’ll find to using Measure. (Don’t forget how important ARKit  is in terms on unlocking future opportunity).

WWDC: 11 iOS 12 improvements you’ll use

Written while at WWDC, this provides a decent tour of the new iOS 12 features. See also: 23+ iOS 12 features you probably didn’t know.

How to use Group FaceTime

Not yet available but expected to appear with iOS 12.1 when the update ships, Group FaceTime lets you speak with up to 32 people at once in video chat. The only problem is that everyone in the chat must be on an Apple device. Here is how to use Group FaceTime.

Group FaceTime on iOS

Group FaceTime on iOS

How to use Depth Control on new iPhones

The new iPhone range introduces a great image capturing feature called Depth Control. Here is how to use the new feature both before and after taking an image with an iPhone XS, XS Max or iPhone XR.

How to use Smart HDR

Smart HDR is an AI-based imaging support tool that helps you take better photographs. So, what is Smart HDR, how does it work and how do you use it? That’s what this report shares.

How to use LiveListen with AirPods

You can now use hearing assistance technology Live Listen with your AirPods. That’s great if you want to hear better in a crowded place, leave your ‘proper’ hearing aid at home, or just have slight problems with your hearing – though you should consult a doctor if you have a long-term problem. This is what you need to know about LiveListen with AirPods.

How to use Continuity Camera

If you use both iOS and a Mac, this new Continuity Camera feature should come in useful as it lets you easily and speedily import images and scan items using the camera inside your iPhone or iPad. It’s straightforward but you may need this guide.

iPhone XS Max: What is Display Zoom and How do I use it?

Unique to iPhone XS Max, the new Display Zoom feature should make it a little easier to read what is written on your iPhone display. It’s neat when used with Reachability as it helps you easily get around the device. Here’s the guide.

iOS 12 Accessibility

Display Zoom is just one of several accessibility improvements you’ll find in iOS 12.

What is Hybridized Emergency Location (HELO)?

Apple uses a technology it calls Hybridized Emergency Location (HELO) to figure out where you are located when you make an emergency call on your iPhone – it helps save lives. Find out why.

How Apple is improving Maps

Apple is rolling out a bunch of improvements in its Maps app. Here’s a short guide to these.

Please let me know if you need any additional topics covered as I will be happy to write new guides to features to include in this collection.

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