23+ iOS 12 features you probably didn’t know..

I’m collecting the little iOS 12 features here. The more we’ll-known talents of the new OS don’t need so much attention. Please, if you come across other less-discussed talents to 12, let me know using the relatively benign comment thread below (I don’t track you, advertisers might, and I will grab a sponsorship deal rather than intrusive ads engines in a trice.) Got that? Good — here we go with XX iOS 12 features you probably didn’t know already.

Siri power

Hey Siri works even when the iPhone battery begins running low. Until iOS 12, you could not use the phrase to activate Siri once your device was in Low Power Mode.

Siri smarts

Siri will offer suggestions for Shortcuts it thinks will match what you need when you try to create new ones.

Siri helps

Siri can now search photo memories, motorsports and food and celebrity questions.

Silent messenger

Not only will iOS 12 group Notifications together, but it will also let you silence alerts from apps you don’t need. Siri can automatically recommend apps you don’t use to disable.


A new quiet mode lets you continue receiving notifications from specific apps without an alert sound — these messages will still be visible when you choose to check your notifications.

Silence please

Do Not Disturb now lets you choose to enable it in a much more intelligent way: you can choose to enable it for an hour, or until you leave a specific location. You can also schedule this feature so it enables itself, useful when in a meeting. Notifications will be presented to you when you rise, rather than illuminating your display during the night.

Smart pics

Photos gets even smarter. Not only can it recognise things you take photos of – “find me pictures of cats”, but if you take a lot of pictures of something or someone (cats, for example) it automatically create and recommend albums of them in the For You tab, which also includes Mempories. Siri will also suggest effects that may improve your images.

So who drank the juice?

Battery graph doesn’t just provide you with basic data around battery usage, but will also provide tell you which apps are hogging power off-screen.

Safari beefs up!

Safari automatically recommends stronger passwords, while Auto-Fill can remember SMS one-time passwords. Siri can find those passwords for you, too.

Safari sees

Even more obscure, but even more cooler, Safari now supports favicons, which you’ wil now see in the browser tab.

Spelling ain’t everything

You can now add the Oxford American Writer’s Thesaurus from the Dictionary.

Spell international

New dictionaries in iOS 12 include those for Arabic-English, Hindi-English and Hebrew.

Spies out!

USB Restricted Modehas been confirmed as existingwithin the iOS 12 beta. This is enabled in the Touch ID & Passcode Settings.

Stay up-to-date

You can choose to enable Automatic Updates in iOS 12. In future new versions of the OS will be installed without you needing to worry about it.

Saving faces

If you spend a lot of time wearing sunglasses or wigs, you can train Face ID to understand an ‘alternative appearance’.

Screen Time simplified

There’s an all-new Screen Time widget that lets you get a glance at that data in. Your Today view.

Scan QR

Another new widget lets you scan QR codes direct from Control Center.

Social succubi

App Limits means you can now put limits on how long you, or your children, use certain apps — how long do you need to spend on ‘the social network’ anyway?

See it moi way

Siri now also has an Irish or South African accent.

Swipe simple

You can now swipe up to find the App Switcher when using an iPhone X.

Seriously colourful

More colours in Markup

Stay literate

Apple Books (as we now call it) lets you choose to update new titles on some or all of your devices, or to iCloud and other options.

Song two

Want to know that song with the words “plastic chicken” in? The new OS lets you search for this.


Addition 1

: Apple Music now lets you see forthcoming album release.

I know there are more .. so let me know!


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