Apple’s story changes. Sometimes it is up, sometimes it is down, and there’s always some new product coming round the corner. We aren’t really a rumor website (there are dozens of them), instead we hope that here you will find out what people (who usually should know better) think Apple should do, will do, or even must d0 — and sometimes we’ll tell you what it does do. Also occasional analysis, tips and (OK) a little rumor, but nothing too outlandish.

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Researcher: Ben Austin

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  1. Gisele says:

    Hi Jonny,

    Rumours about the Apple car have been swirling around for almost two years, but as of today, no one really knows what the final product would look like.

    And that’s when we found our challenge…

    We designed 5 concept iCars with inspiration from classic Apple products – from the Macintosh 128K to the iPhone 7: https://www.clickmechanic.com/infographics/five-apple-products-reimagined-as-cars

    Does it look like something that could fit Apple Must? Let me know and I’ll send over the designs in high resolution along with any other info you may need.



  2. mason says:

    Hi There!

    Is there any mobile app review, content contribution, guest post or advertising opportunity on applemust.com ?

    • Jonny Evans says:

      probably. I am a bit of a stickler though — I don’t want to carry crass or second rate SEO focused content, I won’t use rubbishy content, and I won’t take ads from people unless I really think they can add to my reader’s lives.

      Which is a shame, as I desperately need the money. But values matter.
      All the best

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