How to use the GigSky app to enable Dual SIM iPhones

Define your default and secondary lines

Define your default and secondary lines

I was very interested in dual SIM support on my iPhone XS Max so I’ve been using GigSky as a second line for a few days. I’m happy to report that it works really well and is available at the App Store as of today.

GigSky makes it easy to enable Dual SIM iPhones

GigSkyis one of a handful of international providers (TruPhone is another recommended service) partnering with Apple to support the dual SIM talent of the new iPhones.

You can also access this feature via some carriers, but most of these require you to sign-up to use the service in-store, if your iPhone is locked then your carrier may insist on you only using a second SIM from them – this is not ideal.

GigSky avoids carrier lock-in and lets you enable your second iPhone XS SIM using the GigSky app.

How the app works

It’s pretty simple to set this up.

  • Download the app and install it.
  • Select a plan and pay for it using your credit card
  • You will be guided through several more steps in which you name, label and activate your cellular data plan.

Your iPhone lets you use one SIM for voice and the other for data. That means you keep your original phone number for calls, but use the GigSky service for data.

Set-up is easy (approval takes a few moments), and once it is enabled the service works well and lets you know how much data you have remaining.

How the set-up screen looks

Always check the cost

Not only this, but if you travel you can purchase data for the country you are in and have no need to worry about potential bill shock; GigSky also sells a European-wide data plan ($20 for 1GB or $50 for 5GB) you can use all across Europe.

I will note that TruPhone’s service seems a little less expensive and has Apple Pay support, but the package deals (such as the European one mentioned above) may not be quite as competitive so do check between providers once you decide how much data you need.

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