Let’s talk about that iOS 12 Control Center for iPad change

Apple changes the way Control Center works in iPads running iOS 12, and the way it has done so lends weight to claims the company intends to put v.2 of its FaceID system inside some future iPad models.

What has changed?

The big change for iPads running iOS 12 is that when you want to get to your Control Center you need to swipe down from the upper-right status bar from your Home Screen or from inside any app.

That’s a change from how it works at the moment, which is a simple swipe up from the bottom of the screen. And will be familiar to any iPhone X user, as that’s how those devices also work – swipe down from the top right to get to Control Center.

When you want to close Control Center, you must do one of:

  • Swipe up from the bottom of the display
  • Tap the top of the screen
  • Press Home (on an iPhone X you swipe up on the Home Gesture Bar, which may be significant one day).

There’s one more change:

When running iOS 12 on an iPad you’ll need to swipe down from the left of the screen to access your Notification Center. That’s also where you’re going to find the date and time, with your battery life, Wi-Fi and other network info on the top right.

This kind of lends some substance to claims Apple is preparing to put FaceID inside some future iPads.

It will be interesting to see how the company has evolved that tech, or if you will really be required to hold your tablet up in such a way as FaceID is always at the top, like an iPhone.

I suspect (hope) the company will offer up a little more finesse. Face ID is going to get more effective.

There are a few more iPad iOS 12 gestures that may/may not mean something: you must swipe and hold a bit to get to the Dock, or swipe and hold a little higher to get to App Switcher. Which kind of reminds me of something…

Jonny Evans

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