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Get Ready For The Server-Grade iMac Pro

Seeking to scratch back initiative in the desktop PC market, Apple may be hatching a plan for a ‘server-grade’ iMac, according to a Digitimes report. This does chime well with Apple’s recent open table discussions with media as...


How to bring back the MacBook Pro startup chime

Yesterday we mourned the loss of it; today we learn how to bring it back again. This is how to restore the startup chime to your new MacBook Pro: Launch Terminal Write: sudo nvram BootAudio=%01 If you don’t...


Here’s the easy way to get a touchscreen iMac

It takes just ten seconds to turn your Mac into a touchscreen Mac, at least that’s the promise being made by MaskTouch, a Chinese brand from TMDTouch (it’s the third generation of a product this company has been...