5 fast ways to open your iPhone Camera

The only problem with always having a camera with you is that it isn’t necessarily ready when you want to take a shot. That’s why any iPhone user needs to be familiar with how to quickly launch the Camera app to get that shot. Here, in order of speed, are the five ways to do it:

The fastest way: Swipe it

The fastest way to get to your camera: Tap Home to wake your iPhone and swipe your finger across the unlock screen from right to left to automatically open the Camera app.

Also fast, for iPhone X only

If using an iPhone X you can also get to the Camera by hard pressing the Camera app on the Lock screen. (You can also open the Camera app by using 3D Touch on the app icon on any 3D Touch iPhone).

Faster from Home

Have you ever scrabbled around for the Camera icon on your Home screen? Here’s how to make that so much quicker: Put the Camera icon in the Dock. Tap and hold the Camera icon until all the icons begin to wriggle, then slide it to your Dock. In future it will be much easier to find when you are in your Home screen as you will know exactly where to tap.

Fast-ish from inside any app

Control Center is another option, but not necessarily the fastest way to open the Camera app. Flick up on your display (or swipe down from the top right of the display on an iPhone X or other FaceID device) and tap the Camera icon. You can do this from inside any app or from the Home page, but the disadvantage is you usually need to glance first before launching the app.

Siri can do it too

Just like any other app, you can use Siri to open your Camera app, just say “Hey Siri, open Camera app”. This isn’t the fastest way to launch your Camera, but may come in handy in some scenarios.

Bonus Apple Watch tip

If you use an Apple Watch you can also cause your iPhone to take the picture remotely using the Camera Remote app that’s pre-installed on your Apple Watch. This is particularly useful when using a tripod and a static camera.

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