3 great Apple Music improvements coming September 17

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Milanese artist L I M shares her music in the first performance at Apple Piazza Liberty.

Apple will ship iOS 12 really soon. A little while later it is likely to introduce us all to macOS 10.14 Mojave. And the company has stashed some really nice Apple Music enhancements inside these releases. Here are some of the nicest ones:

Great improvements coming soon to Apple Music

#1: Lyric Search

Stuck on remembering a song? So long as you can recall a few lyrics you can type them into iTunes on a Mac or iPhone/iPad, or even ask Siri and Apple Music will suggest what song it is. I’ve been using this a little while, and it even answers questions like “Do you come from a land of thunder?” It’s smart enough to find up-&-coming and established acts, and so I think that’s cool as…

#2: Big on Acts

Artis pages have been redesigned. Everything is clearer and nicer to navigate and you’ll find it much easier to explore catalogs with new sections like singles, EPs, albums and more. If you want to get to know an act, you may also like the new Essential Albums section, which is a curated selection by the editors who live quietly behind of Apple Music. One of the biggest improvements may be the easiest to overlook – when you reach an artist page look closely at the picture at the top – just to the right (on iOS) you’ll find a red play button. Tap this to get a customised station based on their music.

#3: Chart attack

I’m becoming less convinced charts matter, but they do help music discovery and it’s good to see that Apple will add top 100 charts in a daily updated playlist for numerous different countries (116 charts in total). You can even add these to your libraries. Another music discovery feature, Friends Mix is about to join your Favorites and Chill mixes and should soon make you wonder why so many of your friends are such big Evanescence fans.

Siri gets smarter

It does, you’ll see. And HomePod gets some wicked improvements, too!

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