Will the Apple TV+ service come to the Mac?

No? Think about it: Apple is expected to make Apple Music, Books, Podcasts and its TV app available to Macs using the new Marzipan APIs that make it much easier to use iOS apps on Macs.

Marzipan media and Macs

In the event Apple makes its TV app available to Macs in the form of a Marzipan app, it makes no sense for it to forbid Mac users from accessing Apple TV+ content on their computers.

There has always been demand for television on the Mac – Elgato made its reputation making systems that provided this. Apple TV+ content is just programming like anything else and given you can already watch all your iTunes Movies/TV content on a Mac it makes no sense not to also make TV+ content available to the platform.

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You may even get a better high-definition experience watching shows on your 27-inch 5K iMac display than you already enjoy on your front-room TV.

Particularly if Apple makes use of the powerful video encoding skills inside the T2 chip.

Churn the channel

That gets even better if there is any truth in recent claims Apple plans to introduce its own 31.6-inch 6K display this year, complete with Mini-LEDs.

(Though I don’t think too many people will invest in one of those just to watch Oprah and Prince Harry – they’ll use these displays to make movies, not watch them.)

There are some other considerations that may be worth thinking over:

All these outcomes become more likely as the quantity and quality of content Apple makes available through its TV services grows.


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