Mac users, are you using this cool Safari search feature?

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How useful would it be if you could open up the exact page you wanted to visit on any website directly from inside Safari’s search bar? I got news for you, you can…

Search inside your sites

If you are searching for something on a specific website that you have visited before, then Safari will let you do this. It does this because if you structure your search query right it will look not only for the URL of the site you want to visit, but will also try to find the content that you want to get to on that site. It’s really very easy to do…

How to search inside a website

  • Open Safari, tap your cursor into the search field and type “Amazon AirPods”.
  • Look below the search field and you’ll see an item appear in the predictive drop-down list that appears as you write your search called ‘search’.
  • Tap on that item and you will be directed straight to the AirPod search results on Amazon’s website.

It is important to note that you must have visited a site and searched for something on that site first before this will work.

The search inside

You can search inside of sites before you get there with this tip

Does this work for any site?

Pretty much – let’s try an experiment: Write “iPhone X” in the search bar on this website you can see in the top right under the green More column. Hit return. You can read some stories there if you like. Now open a new Safari tab and in the browser’s search bar type “Applemust Siri” and you should see the words “Search for “siri””, tap this and you’ll find all the stories about Siri on this site.

Try the same technique for all the sites you most regularly search of pages or items on. In future you’ll get the search results you need in a trice by just typing the name of the site and the item you are looking for.

Want another tip?

Quick Search engine change

Quick Search engine change

Try this: Open a new tab in Safari and it should open with the text entry cursor active in the search bar. Now tap the Space bar and a dropdown menu should appear listing all the available search engines you can use. Now you can choose a different search engine at will (though why would you when DuckDuckGo is so good).

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