Never Miss A Good iTunes Store Deal With This App

Today I am liking the relatively new CheapCharts app, which hooks you up with all the latest info about price reductions across all the iTunes Stores: movies, music, TV, books, audiobooks and apps.

Never Miss A Deal

The simple to use app lets me browse through content by genre, popularity and other criteria, pointing out where price reductions have taken place.

That’s useful.

It also tracks historical prices so you can figure out which movies are discounted from time to time. You can also set a watch list for items you want to buy if they should be discounted in future.

The app is available across most iTunes geographies.

Affiliate Fee?

I don’t know anything about the developers – someone let me know about the app using Twitter, but the discounts I have checked have all been valid. I imagine they make their money on affiliate fees.

Checking their site it looks like they may be building a similar solution for Amazon, so I think their business model should succeed, assuming usage scales.

The UI is simple enough to navigate I won’t offend you by explaining it, but I think if you are looking for entertainment  on a budget this might be a good, free, tool to put on your iOS device.

One More Thing

The killer advantage is that the app is also available for Apple TV. I think that will make it useful to lots of people. This morning it was able to tell me the latest Ghostbusters movie (that puts guys back in their place), had a price cut this weekend. Who you gonna call?

Jonny Evans

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