Apple gives your data away, but only when you request it

New protection

Apple also introduces new privacy protection and anti-phishing tools in iOS 11.3 and macOS 10.13.4, which are currently in beta.

One week before CEO Tim Cook gives a speech to EU privacy chiefs, Apple has published a new Data and Privacy Portalonline, making it possible for more customers to download everything Apple knows about them,

Privacy is a human right

Apple CEO Tim Cook will give a speech at the 40th annual international conference of data protection and privacy commissioners in Brussels on Wednesday, 24 October.

He will take pains to articulate the company’s position that privacy is a fundamental human right.

He’s expected to once again stress the deep need for privacy both to protect democratic freedoms and to support emerging digital business models and connected infrastructure.

“At Apple, we believe privacy is a fundamental human right. And so much of your personal information — information you have a right to keep private — lives on your Apple devices. Your heart rate after a run. Which news stories you read first. Where you bought your last coffee. What websites you visit. Who you call, email, or message.

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Apple rejects the notion that in order for customers to gain better convenience they need to sacrifice privacy. “We’ve proved time and again that great experiences don’t have to come at the expense of your privacy and security. Instead, they can support them,” it states.

Privacy is important

Apple products are private by design

What is Apple’s Data and Privacy Portal?

Apple’s new privacy website provides lots of details concerning how the company protects user privacy and data in its latest operating systems.

As well as some excellent advice you should review to help you protect your privacy, the company also offers a Privacy tool to users through which people can now download all the data it holds on them. That’s items like:

  • Purchase
  • App usage
  • Usage history
  • Data stored with Apple, such as calendars, photos, or documents.

The capacity to download this information was formerly available only in the EU, but the company has now offered it to users in Australia, the United States, New Zealand, and Canada.

What's inside your portal?

What’s inside your portal?

How do I use Apple’s Data and Privacy Portal?

If you want to see what Apple knows about you, follow these steps:

You must now choose what to do next, you can download all your data, correct your data or even delete all your data here.

  • To get a copy of your data choose Obtain a copy of your data. You can then choose which data categories you want to download.
  • To correct your data, tap Get Started in the Correct your Data section. You can then go through various sections to check and change your information.
  • To delete your Apple ID follow the relevant steps.

You should also read this more detailed explanation.

What has changed?

The updated pages provide a great deal of information concerning numerous privacy and security improvements inside Apple’s latest operating systems. Among other highlights, you’ll learn that:

  • Third party app developers must provide privacy policies for your review
  • Screen Time data is only accessible by users
  • If you share Health data with trusted third-party apps it goes directly from HealthKit to the app without passing through Apple’s servers.
  • Apple Music friends can only access contacts you share with it
  • Websites cannot create cookies or store data on your systems without your consent
  • Core ML and Create ML work on your device and don’t share your data.


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