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Old v New 2

WWDC: How Apple is making Maps much, much better

Apple is making huge improvements to its Maps service in iOS 13, which will get you to where you need to be more quick and effectively than ever before, and boasts a new Street View mode.


DuckDuckGo switches to Apple Maps for search results

Private and secure search engine DuckDuckGo has just announced that it has integrated Apple Maps into its search results, meaning that in future maps you find in search results will be made by Apple and no data about you will be grabbed by the search engine or maps provider.

The CarPlay interface 0

Oh dear, turns out Google Maps sucks in CarPlay

The first reviews of Google and Waze’s support for CarPlay systems suggest at least one app update is necessary before the alternative mapping services really compete with Apple Maps.

Opener to swap links 0

How to use Siri to swap between Google Maps and Apple Maps

You can already use Opener to make it super-easy to swap mapping directions between Apple Maps and Google Maps — but now that app supports Siri Shortcuts, you can build a quick way to do it, too.

Add business to Apple Maps 12

How to add a business to Apple Maps

If you run a business you should make sure you aren’t missing opportunities when people ask Siri to find services you provide, you must add your business to Apple Maps.