10 years of iPhone excitement in 9 charts

How interested are we in new iPhones?

This is how interested people have been in each generation iPhone

The new iPhones are coming and interest is insanely great, fresh research explains – it looks like Apple customers are very interested in the new device as it prepares to introduce its fall collection of iPhones, iPads, Macs and wearables.

Reading the iTea leaves

BankMyCell has aggregated both global and regional consumer iPhone “purchase and resale intent” queries made using Google between 2007-2018 to create a big collection of visualizations that show the impact of Apple’s iPhone product launches.

iPHone v samsung

iPhone users are usually twice as interested in new models as Galaxy users

The data reveals some interesting insights into consumer mood and expectation around these new devices, while analysts predict the company will sell over 222 million of the new models in the next year:

  • iPhone VS Samsung Galaxy announcements:Apple fans twice as electrified by Apple events.
  • Apple’s closed ecosystem working:Following the iPhone 6 launch, the hype from events declined, however, sales continued to rise.
  • The iPhone X revived consumer interest: Triggering the greatest spike spice the iPhone 6 launch
  • iPhone announcements have spiked buyer queries as high as 230%.
  • The iPhone 3G, 4 and 6launches fashioned the most explosive anticipation with consumers.
  • iPhone SErelease actually declined the consumer interest queries
  • iPhone 6 announcement caused a 1,400% increase in iPhone 5 valuationsin the hour after the event finished.
  • Top 5 U.S. states for buyer interest:Louisiana, New York, New Jersey, Florida, and Delaware.
  • Top 5 U.S. states for trade-in interest:Nevada, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Delaware, and New York

The charts make interesting reading. They pretty much confirm that the reason so many people still use an iPhone 6 is because so many people ran out and got hold of them – and that many of those long-lived and still popular devices are still in use once their original owners upgraded their device. It seems that the iPhone 6 and 6S together account for just over 14 percent of all enterprise mobility activity, and with enterprise bosses now coalescing their mobile deployments around iOS, it makes sense for them to upgrade.

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That’s interesting because those iPhones are now four years old – will this be the year we see customers upgrade to one of Apple’s new (and presumably cheaper) iPhone Xs models?

Here are all the images in one gallery — click through to see them all:

Given the threat of more expensive Apple smartphones in the event the current U.S. chief makes them more expensive for U.S. consumers by intensifying a self-declared trade war with China, might this prompt people to upgrade now, rather than wait another unpredictable year? Apple offers its iPhone Upgrade Program to help make it easier to accomplish that.

What can we expect?

We do have a sense of what to expect from these new devices.

  • There will be three models, a larger (Pro/Plus) 6.5-inch iPhone X model, an updated 5.8-inch iPhone X (both with OLED displays and a lower cost 6.1-inch iPhone X LCD-screen variant. The latter will be made available in multiple colors but will ship later, apparently. More info.
  • Two new iPad Pros (10.5-inch and 12.9-inch models) with Face ID and much faster A11X or A12X processors (and charging) are expected. More information.
  • Apple is thought to be planning to introduce a new Mac to replace the MacBook Air and Mac mini. More information.
  • Apple Watch with an edge-to-edge display making the screen around 15 percent larger. You’ll get longer battery life and new health and fitness features, (a non-invasive diabetes monitor?) Existing watch bands will fit, so there’s still time to sell yours on eBay. More information.

This year for the first time it even looks like Apple will share its news on Twitter.


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