The top 10 most used devices in the enterprise are all made by Apple

iPhone 7 devices

The iPhone 7 is still the most used device in enterprise mobility

As I discussed here, Egnyte published some very interesting data that proves Apple’s dominance of the mobile enterprise.

The company also provided me with the following list that shows the top ten mobile devices used across enterprise IT in terms of mobile activity — that’s a reflection of how much use people in enterprise tech make of their mobile thing:

  1. iPhone 7 (8% activity)
  2. iPhone 6S (7.5% activity
  3. iPad Air 2 (5.3% activity)
  4. iPhone 7 Plus (4.8% activity)
  5. iPhone 6 (4.3% activity)
  6. iPad (9.7”) (3.1% activity)
  7. iPad Air (2.5%)
  8. iPad Pro 9.7” (2.5%)
  9. iPad Pro 10.5” (2.4%)
  10. iPhone 6S Plus (2.4%)

This isn’t the data according to market share or sales, just data based on how widely used these devices were. More information.

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