Watch all Apple’s ‘Showtime’ event videos here

Apple published a huge range of videos to support its announcements at the Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino today – you can watch them elsewhere if you like, but you can also watch them here and I hope you do.

What Apple did

As expected, Apple announced its new News+ service, offered up its games arcade service, discussed its quite tempting credit card deal and introduced Apple TV+, a new service/channel with the potential to become the world’s biggest TV channel from day one.

The company also let rip with the following videos.

Apple TV+ Oprah

Oprah is taking part in the service with high aims and high ambitions. She talks about this here.

The storytellers

Apple’s aim to make a huge difference in television is one that seems to be inspiuring some of the world’s greatest storytellers.

Apple Arcade

Apple’s new gaming service video promos – there are two:

Apple Card

This is going to be so much more significant than most people seem to think. Mark my words.

Apple News+

The new news service seems promising too.

Apple event opening film

Here’s the slightly OTT movie that opened the event. I didn’t like it much – sorry – it’s just a little too self-conscious.

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