How to fix the ‘No AirPrint Printers Found’ error

Jonny Evans

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  1. Thanks for it help. It has been fixed.

  2. pulidof says:

    Thank you. After check the printer, check the net, reinstall the app for the printer…. I have read your post “you can fix this problem by switching off Wi-Fi in Control Center and then switching it on again”. So simple. Solved problem.

  3. Leonie says:

    Hi – your tips are very clear and useful. Thanks. BUT ….. my Epson printer initially is found on my 12.9 ipad – then when the ipad goes into SLEEP mode the printer is then NOT found. Only solution is to reboot the ipad. In addition to your tips have tried to go into a friend’s network, try their printer and same result. It appears to have occurred since the 11.1.4 OS update. Short of doing a HARD reset appears no other next step which I am reluctant to execute. Any other thoughts?

    • Jonny Evans says:

      I have no precise insight, but have you tried unplugging and then restarting the printer? When you do so, take the power lead out the back of the printer. It may not deliver any form of panacea, but often when it’s some third party thing the old ‘switch it off and on again’ thing saves the day — and check your printer is software patched. I’ll continue to think on this though.

      • Leonie says:

        Will try your suggestions in the next day and let you know. Printing was fine for months. Thanks. Cheers

  4. PedanticPete says:

    Thanks for this, I have to switch WiFi on and off in the control centre … whilst this fixes the problem … the problem is still there, which is really not all that acceptable, Apple not talking to Apple uhmm starting to feel a bit like a beta tester of some stupid windows system …

  5. hppaul says:

    thanks for sharing this printer airprint error tech help. setup

  6. Diana says:

    I am having the same problem with my iPad “no air printer found” after it goes to sleep. This seemed to have started a couple of months age. Until then, by iPad recognized both of our printers. Now it doesn’t recognize either one. HP support has helped, but it hasn’t solved the problem. Anyone out there have a solution?

  7. Lynda LIM says:

    After updating my iPhone 8+ to iOS 12, now unable to AirPrint ! Today will try your 8 tips on how to solve “unable to AirPrint “ problems. Will update later. Thanks

  8. Evie says:

    I’m also looking for the same solution so I can print from my iPad.

  9. Steve says:

    Looking for a solution. Stopped working since ios12.0.1

  10. Billy says:

    Boom! Thanks…great article! Only had to go as far as #3 😆😆😆

  11. Billy says:

    Boom! Thanks…great article! Only had to go as far as #3

  12. Billy says:

    Boom! Thanks…great article! Only had to go as far as #3 !!!

  13. Alex says:

    I have the same problem on my Lexmark X464.
    I think that has to do with the ios 12 update. But unfortunately I have no solution for it.

  14. Allie says:

    Turning my wifi off and then on again fixed the problem. Thanks so much!

  15. Mike says:

    Interesting article. My iPad is maybe three years old. My current HP Envy printer would always print when needed IN THE PAST. But the last several months it’s been either; reset the wi-fi, restart the printer or shut down and restart the tablet. Shutting down and restarting the tablet seems to always work. IOS Version 11.4.1 is the latest, but my trouble started maybe two versions ago. PITA as there seems no definite fix, and unfortunately, I’m no wizard when it comes to troubleshooting these kinds of things. When it works it works…why then does it crap out when I never turn my tablet off and it’s always within like 20 feet of the wi-if router thing? Gotta love technology!

  16. Sonia says:

    Fit this problems by switching off iCloud and switching it back my son in-law help me out this happen after the update . Hope this is usable

  17. Art says:

    What does the IT person always say …. “Have you rebooted yet?” Finally shut down the printer, modem, iphone and iPad. Rebooted all and Waa-Laa !! Hello – I’m printing again. Thanks for very clear and easy to understand instructions.

  18. Nick says:

    Thank you for the guidance.. It does work.

  19. Robert says:

    Thank you for for the easy to “read and digest” method to get my air (wireless) printer working. I found a set up wizard covertly installed in my HP printer. It is now working.

  20. Michelle says:

    Thanks! Problem fixed.

  21. Andrea Burd says:

    I am unable to print off a six page document having only just bought this apple phone am very disappointed with it’s performance. We have an Epsom Stylus printer SX215. This is Retired Staff University of Southampton committee papers which I need as a Committee member to be read before our AGM

  22. Andrea Burd says:

    Comment sent re EpsomStylus SX215
    And failure to print off 6 page committee papers!

  23. JON says:

    The fact that APPLE IOS devices will not print on non air print machines is very annoying

  24. Lagga says:

    HI, I have the issue: “No Airprint Printer Found” , on my Iphone, finally is resolved. The most important is that IOS needs to have the Bonjour” service enable on your network. If you have router, make it sure the Multicast is not disabled, since Bonjour that is used by Apple is a zero-configuration networking method developed by Apple.
    The minute that is disabled, from your airprint app> the local tab will find your printer, as long as the devices are on the same network.

  25. Mr. Waffles says:

    Thank you! My phone was off of my wireless network!

  26. Stephen Dougherty says:

    Can you help for me and No AirPrint on iPhone not found printer off

    • John Mulley says:

      My recent post seems to have disappeared! Try switching the router off for an hour then on again. Did the trick for me after many frustrating efforts, blaming the printer etc.

      • Jonny Evans says:

        Hey Stephen, I took a little time out! Sorry. — we’re dealing with high covid restrictions here and it all feels increasingly hard to get focused at the moment.

  27. John Mulley says:

    Having purchased a new Canon printer I have had AirPrint problems with both a laptop and an IPad. To cut a long story short I found switching off the router/modem for one or two hours and then restarting has solved the problem.

  28. Maurice says:

    Great info!!! My problem was solved. Solution #5 solved my issue. I updated to the latest version on my ipad and iphone. Now my devices are able to locate my printer.

  29. Hari says:

    its very informative article and I like your blog
    thank you

  30. Fermer says:

    Having successfully printed from my iPad for ages it suddenly decided that no air printers could be found. I have tried everything mentioned so far apart from switching things off and leaving for two hours! Is this really the end? I now have to send anything I want to print to myself by email and then print from the computer.

  31. Scott says:

    I am unable to see my wireless HP 4520 printer from the device menu, even though I have printed from it recently. I did ALL the steps above and no luck. I was able to turn off/on WiFi and see my printer. I logged on to my printer and was able to print. So, this means the problem is communication between my router and my printer even though my printer is on my network and has a strong signal.🤷🏻‍♂️

    • Jonny Evans says:

      Hmm, it’s possible you have disabled sharing on your Mac/PC if the printer is connected? Also think about your router settings, which seemed a little complex for this guide. Please let me know what happens and if I can suss it out I can update this

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