Apple’s iPhone SE2 no-show leaves money on the table

Where is the iPhone SE2?

Where is the iPhone SE2?

Apple is absolutely missing a huge market opportunity through its seemingly sustained refusal to update its 4-inch iPhone SE – my recent poll suggests well over 99 percent of people who expressed an interest want to purchase one of these things.

Apple’s iPhone SE2 no-show leaves money on the table

Recently I wrote about the iPhone SE2, pointing out that Apple is selling these devices rapidly each time it makes them available via its refurb store.

I reprised the device’s many advantages and invited readers to vote in a poll.

The poll attracted 295 votes, which seems to be a pretty representative sample of opinion. You can vote in the poll right now if you haven’t done so.

Asked “Should Apple ship an iPhone SE2?” the results were utterly conclusive:

294 people agreed that Apple should ship an iPhone SE2. Just one person said it should not. Not only this, but a huge 286 voters said they’d buy an SE2 if one appeared.

That’s a market opportunity, surely?

How much would you pay?

There was a second poll, which 309 people have responded to. This asked how much people would be willing to pay for an iPhone SE2 – here’s how the answers broke down, in order of preference:

  • $399-$498: 110 votes.
  • $499+: 91 votes.
  • $299-$398: 79 votes.
  • Under $299: 29 votes.

What does this mean?

I think it means that if Apple could figure out how to sell an iPhone SE2 model at around $449 it would sell thousands of the things.

Given the damp smartphone economy, it makes no sense to me for the company not to meet this segment of market need. I just can’t understand why it won’t.

Someone should launch a petition.

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  1. a person says:

    One caveat as a current SE owner, I’ll never buy a “notch” phone if it means (like on current notch iPhones afaik) losing space at the top of the screen for the persistent VPN status indicator.

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