18 ways to speed up an older, slower Mac

Jonny Evans

Watching Apple since 1999. I don't say what they should do. I say what they might do. They sometimes do.

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  1. Keeping your Mac up to date is a leading cause for disaster if you are like most folks who don’t check for compatibility issues first. For example our office uses Canon copiers with Fiery RIPs and they don’t have Mojave compatible drivers for them yet if ever. You update and there goes two times $90,000. We also run QuickBooks 2016 and would have to upgrade each user to QB 2018 at about $220 a user. We also have scanners not supported by Mojave and the new ones that are ready are $480 each. We have classic Mac Pros with NVIDIA video cards in there – no support yet, do they would run super slow. I’ve had clients update to much newer OS and apps, compatible but now the machine, an iMac is too slow to use for production. No SSD and insufficient GPU.

  2. Bradley Dichter says:

    Photos on the cloud is very slow compared to an external hard drive and is only recommended for laptops where carrying and external drive is impractical. It tends to be only useful for sharing with others. A cheap USB 3 drive is cheap and fast enough for most folks running out of internal drive space and it is easy to move your Photos library to the external volume. In fact with the help of PowerPhotos you can switch between many libraries to keep massive collections under control.

  3. Leo says:

    Onyx is for specialists. you can really break things with it. Its supposed performance boosts (just like the ones in this articles) are minimal.
    The biggest boost for older systems is to add memory to the max, and replace the harddrive for an SSD.
    I’ve two 2011 iMacs that my kids are using. I’m on a 2012 iMac myself that I beat the crap out of with extensive iMovie work. These are all still performing quite well. Some older 2009/2010 macbook pro’s that I use for crash&burn upgraded with memory and SSD.. those make great internet terminals.

    Yearly “50 tips to make it quicker” is a recurring Windows thing. They’re still not able to improve the os performance. I don’t need it.

  4. Bradley Dichter says:

    Malwarebytes is good but beware that the Premium edition with real time protection will use a significant amount of your CPU time. May be worth it if you are the type that allows a lot of malware onto your computer. Don’t believe in a web page that says your Flash Player is out of date. MacKeeper is malware and your Mac most likely is not infected with viruses that this website can fix.

  5. Henry says:

    Thanks for the help my mac is working fine now. the speed has improved. I would recommend newbies to check out https://macinfo.us/ for more tips on MAC ios and it’s use.

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