UPDATED: 10 things Siri will do in iOS 10 that it didn’t do before


Apple told developers at WWDC that Siri in iOS 10 will be able to work with third party apps and the Wall Street Journal took a look at some of them in action.

UPDATED: Apple has opened up new pages on its website detailing these uses. Take a look here.

Here are ten examples of the kind of tasks Siri will be able to do with third party apps, once iOS 10 ships this fall. You will be able to use your voice to:

  • Send someone a message on LinkedIn

“Find out if Eric has a job vacancy at Apple.”

  • Pay someone using SquareCash

“Give mum $20.”

  • Drop someone a line using WhatsApp

“Hey, Joe, what’s happening?”

  • Find me pictures of what someone is wearing on Looklive

“What is Jeremy Corbyn’s new suit like?”

  • Speak with someone using WeChat

“Hey, Jenny, what’s going on?”

  • Send a project message using Slack

“Where’s the report, Karen?”

  • Get a ride on Lyft

“Please get me a cab home.”

  • Start running with MapMyRun

“Switch on MapMyRun.”

  • Get better help using Maps

“Siri, give me directions to the nearest beach bar.”

  • You can also use Siri to find images on Pinterest, Vogue Runway, The Roll and Pikazo.

What’s interesting is how this integration works. When you use Siri to get a third party app to do something for you, the third party app stays in the background and the interaction takes place in a card in the style of the app.

Next week will also see a slightly different set of voices debut for Siri. These more human-like voices will use databases to deliver less robotic conversation. This also means Siri is expected to learn how to say “Barbra Streisand” correctly, ending another Siri saga.

Siri is already cracking jokes about next week’s special Apple event, just tell Siri to “see you on September 7” to find out the level of humor you can expect from mass market AI. Meanwhile take a look at a whole lot more new information about Siri.

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