How to fix Siri’s ‘Barbra Streisand’ problem

Thanks to Martina/Flickr

Thanks to Martina/Flickr

How to make Siri pronounce names correctly.

Streisand’s pissed with Siri. So much so that a report claims singer Barbra Streisand called Apple CEO Tim Cook up to complain. What’s her problem? That Siri calls her StreiZAND, rather than StreiSAND (a Z sound, rather than an S).

Cook has promised to fix this in a future update, but it really shouldn’t bother her  too much – because it’s easy to train Siri to say her name correctly, so long as she creates a contacts entry with her name.

Here is what Streisand could do:

  • Launch Siri and ask it to bring up the Contact entry for the person it is not pronouncing correctly.
  • Now you say: “That’s not how you pronounce [person’s name].”
  • Siri will ask you to pronounce the first name
  • Pronounce it and you’ll be presented with two audio versions of the name.
  • Choose the correct version.
  • You’ll be asked to follow the same steps for the contact’s last name
  • When you have set both first and second names Siri will repeat the name, hopefully correctly.

Another way to get the process started is to tell Siri, “Learn to pronounce [name, eg. Barbra Streisand] correctly.” So long as you have a contact record in that name, Siri will let you train it into better pronunciation.

And this is how Barbra Streisand could solve her own problem.

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  1. Ronald Quint says:

    Haha! Funny! I was using Apple maps the other day and siri says Los Angeles without the short (a), as in Losngeles.

  1. September 1, 2016

    […] Next week will also see a slightly different set of voices debut for Siri. These more human-like voices will use databases to deliver less robotic conversation. This also means Siri is expected to learn how to say “Barbra Streisand” correctly, ending another Siri saga. […]

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