15 great iOS 3D Touch improvements you’ll use a lot


I thought it might be useful to put together this short list of just some of the improvements you’ll find in iOS 10 for 3D Touch.

I have to admit  I love 3D Touch and Force Touch. I think they will become increasingly important across Apple’s future product innovations. I think they have the potential to transform the way apps work as the Home button becomes more interactive. I also think the notion of enabling technology to distinguish levels of force opens the door to a new era of responsive computing.

Perhaps that’s just me.

While we wait, here’s a sampling of what we got:

  • If you are running iOS 10 on a 3D Touch iPhone you’ll be able to use it to act on incoming Notification without needing to open the app they relate to – so you can peek at incoming messages and photos, for example.
  • The flashlight in Control Center lets you use 3D Touch to set light intensity between low, medium and high.
  • 3D Touch the camera icon in Control Center and you will be able to launch the app so its ready to take your choice of photo, video, slo-mo – whatever kind of picture you want to capture your camera will open in that mode.
  • Clear all your Notifications by 3D Touch on the X icon in the top right. Choose “Clear All Notifications” in the next box you see.
  • 3D Touch the News icon to see the latest headlines without opening the App.
  • 3D Touch the Activity app icon to see a widget displaying your current activity targets.
  • 3D Touch the timer to quickly set one hour, 20 minutes, 5 minutes or 1 minute alarms.
  • You can 3D Touch any app icon. You’ll find many provide four Quick Actions and a new Share button.
  • 3D Touch a folder to rename it.
  • Downloading an app? 3D Touch the icon to pause, cancel (or even share) the download.
  • Apple Music offers information about the current track using 3D Touch.
  • 3D Touch a contact card in Spotlight and you’ll be able to use QuickActions from within search.
  • 3d Touch when you tap Send in Messages to send your missive with those bubble effects (smash, loud, invisible.)
  • Not really a 3D Touch feature but if you press down “harder” on the backspace button you will delete text faster, reduce the pressure to slow it down.
  • iPad Pro user? You’ll be able to invoke 3D Touch actions on your tablet if you use an Apple Pencil, apparently.

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Jonny Evans

Watching Apple since 1999. I don't say what they should do. I say what they might do. They sometimes do.

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