Watch Apple’s warm and funny humans at work ad

This warm and funny ad for Apple products in the workplace manages to push all its advantages in a sweetly human way – and appears just as Apple publishes its all-new [email protected] website.

[email protected]

I guess the ad reflects the human-centered focus of the high-tech company.

Sure, it designs technology, but its user interfaces, successes and mistakes all focus around technology, the liberal arts and what humans need to use their devices for.

That’s pretty much what this ad is about. It details the story of a small group of designers at a big corporation.

They are ordinary people, like you or I, but somehow get to pitch a product at one of the big bosses – a redesigned pizza box.

[email protected]

Apple’s updated Apple at Work website pushes the point that:

“When people have the power to work the way they want, with the tools they love, they can do their best work and change the future of their business.”

The site provides a little more depth into Apple’s enterprise-focused partnerships and explains the ways in which enterprise customers can get started in equipping employees with its products.

It also provides a range of case studies explaining how some of the world’s biggest enterprises already make use of its solutions: Capital One, SKF, and British Airways, for example.

“When employees have access to the tools they love, they’re happier and more engaged,” the page explains.

[email protected]

The ad is festooned with humour, warmth, and Apple products, including at least one product most people don’t know exists – Apple’s patented round pizza box.

Published as a patent in 2012, the box is designed to keep pizzas stable, to get rid of wasted space, and to keep the food warm while Apple employees traverse the vast expanses of Cupertino’s hallways back to work.

It was allegedly designed by Apple’s head of food services, Francesco Longoni.

Image c/o: Apple/USPTO

This isn’t the only Apple-designed non-tech product you’ll find in the Apple-verse: Packaging, retail stores, the tables and chairs you find in those stores, paper bags — even the pots that contain the in-store trees are all designed in-house.

Never mind, not so long ago some scribes got hold of one of these pizza boxes and took time out to write a review.

Funny, human and subtle, this is little ad is one of the good ones. I’m going to add it to the hall of fame I keep here.

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