Watch Apple’s latest collection of iPhone photography tips here

Apple has published a new collection of tips for photographers using an iPhone X and you can watch them all here.

Apple’s photo connection

The collection looks at shooting with the backlight, shooting in burst mode, recording in slow motion, creating panoramas and (appropriately enough, given the World Cup) a brief guide to shooting soccer on iPhone X.

The collection follows Apple’s move to evangelize the use of portrait lighting on the iPhone X (also below).

The company regularly publishes photo-focused tip videos.

In October 2017, it published a range of clips to help iPhone 8 owners improve their skills which you’ll also finds below. There’s a full playlist including every iPhone photography tip provided by the company here.

The videos aren’t the only ways Apple tries to help people create better images on their devices. It also runs free and regular photo-focused sessions across its Apple retail stores. It also offers ninety-minute Studio Hours sessions where it provides more in-depth assistance.

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I recently published my own short collection of photo tips for Mac, including how to see before and after edits, how to create GIFs from Live Photos and making a photo book. Take a look at them here.

How to photograph soccer

How to take photos with the backlight

How to shoot in burst mode

How to record in slow motion

How to create panoramas

iPhone X: Studio in your pocket

For iPhone 8 users

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  1. Ronald Quint says:

    The music was too loud. A toned down music and increased graphics showing how to increase or reduce exposure would have been far more effective, to me. Missing from those was simply wiping the lens to produce a clearer image. That seemed a disservice to their incredible cameras.

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