Apple’s iPhone X eats over half the smartphone industry pie

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Apple’s iPhone X didn’t just get everybody on the Internet excited, it also helped the company seize the biggest half of the smartphone cake, devouring over 51-percent of global total smartphone revenues, even as the industry itself generated an all-time record $120 billion in Q4 2017, says Strategy Analytics.

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Apple now accounts for more revenue than the rest of the entire global smartphone industry combined.

To put it bluntly, this means Apple’s move to sticker a premium price on its latest iPhones clearly boosted overall industry value while also securing the Apple smartphone’s claim to be what Strategy Analytics calls, “an incredible money-making machine”.

Linda Sui, Director at Strategy Analytics, said:

“We estimate total global smartphone wholesale revenues grew 8 percent annually to reach an all-time high of US$120 billion during Q4 2017. The smartphone industry’s wholesale average selling price surged 18 percent annually from US$255 in Q4 2016 to US$300 in Q4 2017. The smartphone industry has managed to increase massively its pricing and revenues, despite a recent decrease in shipment volumes.”

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This news comes shortly after we learn that introduction of the iPhone X actually dampened Android market share, with Apple seizing gains across almost every smartphone market, particularly the UK.

iPhone is a money-making machine

iPhone is a money-making machine

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With an ASP approaching $800 a pop (almost triple the industry average), Apple generated three times more smartphone revenue than nearest rival Samsung and 7 times more than Huawei.

Samsung also raised its ASPs, up 21 percent to $254, while Huawei’s ASP is $205.

The analysts said that for Huawei to succeed it would have to increase its presence in the U.S. market, a challenge made all the harder by recent remarks from U.S. security chiefs.

“Apple’s big bet on the iPhone X – it’s most expensive model to date – seems to be paying off, as reflected by the 47% lift in new activations over the Thanksgiving weekend,” said Localytics.

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