Apple’s Customers Stay Happy as its Business Expands

Better is not better than best

Apple is still a best in class brand even as it seeks to expand its products and services range

Apple’s customer satisfaction levels may be legendary, but they are no myth – again and again the company continues to win the most important metric any brand can hope for victory on: customer satisfaction. The latest Fluent data proves its reputation continues.

Best in class act

Fluent’s most recent loyalty survey once again confirms Apple’s continued achievement here, delivering 91 percent customer loyalty and 85 percent customer satisfaction. Fluent calls it a “Best in class brand”.

What does that mean?

It means customers are more likely to purchase another Apple product, or replace an existing one. (That’s all the more interesting when compared to loyalty for other platforms).

“Apple remains the gold standard for practical innovation,” said Fluent in a press release. “The brand continues to integrate more and more devices, ensuring that as consumers add to their Apple ecosystem (iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, etc.) they become increasingly dedicated to the brand’s signature experience.”


Most every Apple user is either extremely or very satisfied with the brand, and most everyone will definitely or probably “purchase/shop with brand again,” Fluent’s survey states.

As Fluent points out, this loyalty isn’t confined to replacing like with like on a per-product basis, it also suggests that so long as the company can create supporting products people like they will buy those too.

  • That’s a really good sign for Apple’s Watch and AirPod teams, and will be a good starting point for any AR-focused products that may exist on the company road map.
  • It’s also a good sign as the company seeks to expand the number of services it provides, and build out it connected Apple TV platform.

Creating and maintaining happy customers is good business.

“There is a lot to be gained by keeping consumers happy and devoted to a brand,” the complete Fluent survey explains.

Who let you down?

If we take a look at the average satisfaction levels across industries Apple is involved in you have to ask who among its competitors is driving customer satisfaction levels down.

  • Apple’s overall: 91% customer loyalty/85% customer satisfaction
  • Industry wide smartphone averages: 74% loyal/76% satisfaction
  • Industry-wide tablet average: 71% loyal/80% satisfaction
  • Industry wide computer average: 65% loyal/75% satisfaction

Fluent’s study was conducted online within the United States from June 5-22, 2017 among American adults (aged 18 and up).  e base sizes range from 2,000-3,000 completes for each industry.

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