What’s coming in iOS 12.1?

Apple even made a GIF to celebrate!

Apple even made a GIF to celebrate!

What’s coming in iOS 12.1? Apple has been testing iOS 12.1 for weeks, so what’s coming in the new release? Short version: Dual SIM, Group FaceTime, support for the new iPads, new emojiis and a bunch of bug fixes. Read on for a little more depth:

When will Apple release iOS 12.1?

iOS 12.1 is expected to ship October 30, when Apple announces four new Macs and this year’s new and much improved iPad Pro models.

Where and when will the event take place?

The iOS will ship at around the same time as Apple hosts its event at the Brooklyn Academy of Music in New York. The event is scheduled to begin at 10am ET.

What will be announced at the event?

As detailed here, we expect new Macs, iPad Pros and accessories, potentially including Apple Pencil and AirPod enhancements. There’s even a little speculation concerning AirPower. The new iOS also supports 4k output resolutions of 3,840-×-2160 (4K), which suggests the new pro tablets may support external monitors.

What’s coming in iOS 12.1?

The new mobile OS will include several features for the new devices, including support for what are expected to be Face ID-equipped iPad Pros and the new accessories. It’s also likely we will see the following:

eSIM support

The introduction of Dual SIM supportfor the eSIM inside iPhone XS, XS Max and XR. Carriers will also be required to support this handy feature, which lets you carry two lines on one phone.

Group FaceTime:

This feature had been expected when iOS 12 shipped, but Apple pulled it. Reports claim this is supported in iOS 12.1, but there’s no guarantee it will actually ship.

Portrait Mode Depth Control

You will be able to adjust the bokeh blur of Portrait mode when taking a picture in the Camera viewfinder,

New emojis

These will include red and grey heads and a whole bunch of food, animals, and sports-related emojiis.

Bug fixes

Apple will fix selfie mode to provide sharper images. It may add ECG support to Apple Watch.

Apple Pencil 2

This will apparently support gestures: You will be able to change stroke properties using your pen. It may also include a button.

You can find out much more about iOS 12.1 by taking a look at Apple’s own iOS 12.1 user guide. The free publication is available for download from Apple Books. It has been updated for the as yet unreleased iOS 12.1.

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