watchOS 4: How to use Apple Watch as a Flashlight

Do you remember when you needed these things? Image c/o: jasleen_kaur/Flickr

Apple Watch OS 4 users can use their smartwatch as a flashlight, which can be pretty useful when you’re fumbling for your keys or something…

Here’s how it works

Swipe up

Swipe up to Control Center and tap the Flashlight icon.

Light up

The watch will show a bright white screen. That’s your light. The good thing is that as you turn your wrist away from yourself the screen will become even brighter, so you can find what you are looking for (or be better seen if you happen to be riding a bike).

Two more things

There are two more things you can do with the flashlight.

  • Flashing: Swipe left and your light will flash – that’s particularly useful if you want to be seen.
  • Night light: Swipe left and then swipe left again to get a slightly lower intensity red light – useful if you’re stumbling around the room while someone else is asleep.

Switch off

Press the Digital Crown to go back to the watch face and switch the torch off.

Now you know how to use your smartwatch as a torch. It will probably be useful that you know this one day.

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