This is what I want from an Apple television

Jonny Evans

Watching Apple since 1999. I don't say what they should do. I say what they might do. They sometimes do.

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  1. Kishi23 says:

    Would love for the AppleTV5 to have HDMI in and act as a hub for my Cable Box to go into…. then I can use the AppleTV on my own Television, one remote, HomePods for my surround sound etc etc

  2. Rob Foshay says:

    A wireless TV might be worth it for some installations, but most of us have done a fairly good job of concealing wires in our media center installations. So that’s not a compelling case for enough people to upgrade (and all TV purchases are upgrades, since there are more houses with TV’s than toilets.)
    The problem for Apple to crack is to create a unified experience across all content sources, so you no longer have to ask, “which provider has that show?” The TV app recognizes the problem, but can’t show most providers and has a useless search function. The other problem is the proliferation of the subscription model among the providers. I strongly suspect that most users will only pay for 3 or 4 subscriptions. If Apple comes in with a strong attractively priced pay per view system that displaces the subscription model, they will win. Of course, none of this is lost on Amazon Prime. Finally, they will have to give up on hardware insularity, and agree to host Google’s services (as they do with Amazon Prime), and let the best service win. At the end of the day, unique features such as integration with other Apple devices is nice, but not a compelling reason to buy if someone else gets there first with the best service model.

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