The iPhone XS Max is in big demand, adoption data shows

Phil Schiller: "One more iPhone"

Phil Schiller: “One more iPhone”

Smartphone shoppers are racing to buy remaining stocks of the iPhone X while the iPhone XS Max is selling like hot cakes, Flurry Analytics claims.

The entire X line is in demand

“Consumers are buying the discontinued, lower-priced X aggressively, and the more improved and even lower priced XR is not out yet,” Flurry said, adding, “When that ships, we believe sales will be strong.:

The analytics firm also reckons that Apple is selling 8,000 iPhone XS Max models for every 5,000 iPhone XS units it sells.

“When we look at the ratio of sales between the XS to the XS Max, the XS Max is selling 1.6X more than the XS,” they say.

“That shows that people are willing to pay higher prices and could indicate that Apple still has headroom to push higher into super premium price ranges in subsequent years.”

…even though some of the high-end iPhones actually cost more than an entry-level MacBook Pro.

Flurry adoption data

Flurry adoption data

More information

There are some other key findings:

  • The iPhone 7 is #1– In terms of market penetration with 15.4 percent is the most widley used iPhone at present, followed by the iPhone 7 Plus (12.73%) and iPhone 6S (12.4%).
  • Compared to last year’s 8 and 8 Plus (first week = 0.76%), the XS and XS Max captured 45% more share.
  • Flurry estimates that Apple generated 7% more revenueduring last weekend with sales of the XS, XS Max and original X compared to 8, 8 Plus and X in 2017.
  • When you add this to the IHS report estimating profits made by Apple on each sale, you’re looking at big big numbers as Apple defines the premium smartphone market.

For the full findings, see Flurry’s blog.

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