Millennials love YouTube more than Apple, survey claims

Apple Music

Apple ranked the second most intimate brand among millennials, according to MBLM’s Brand Intimacy 2019 Study, which is the largest study of brands based on emotions.

Video killed the iRadio star?

This seems quite significant.

Apple has pretty much consistently led MBLM brand intimacy surveys for years, and while this particular survey focuses only on millennials and the full information hasn’t yet been released (and won’t be, ironically, until Valentine’s Day, Feb. 14), it suggests a little loss of brand power.

What is “Brand intimacy”?

MBLM define it as a measure of the emotional bonds between a person and a brand.

So, who beat Apple?

YouTube, apparently, with Netflix in third place.

The other brands that rounded out the top 10 in this year’s list include: Disney, Nike, Target, Xbox, PlayStation, Google and Walmart.

Comparatively, in MBLM’s 2018 study, Apple placed first followed by Disney and YouTube.

That video connection

“YouTube ranked tenth with millennials just two short years ago and has steadily made its way to the top,” said Mario Natarelli, managing partner, MBLM.

“The brand has demonstrated an ability to entertain a diverse millennial audience through its extensive content. It is also continuing its expansion of services, including the launch of YouTube Music in 2018, as it finds new ways to connect with consumers. Millennials in particular bond strongly with the media & entertainment industry and YouTube is doing a good job at building a brand that caters to the wants and needs of this audience.”

How will Apple shift the needle?

It is rather interesting that both the first and third place contenders in this survey are firms offering up streaming video services, in contrast to Apple which provides hardware, software, services and platforms, too.

It will I think be rather interesting to see if Apple’s soon-to-debut streaming video service will shift the needle. Will it be a Netflix-killer or a far more private and artist revenues friendlyYouTube replacement?

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