Mac tip: What is Search Result SnapBack?

Here is a common situation: you search a topic using Google (or another search engine), click through a topic, click to other links and then want to get back to the original search results.

Sure, you can go back and search again, but there is a really easy tip that lets you quickly return to your search results in a trice, though you do need to be in the same tab as that in which you conducted your search.

Get to know SnapBack

This tip uses the little-known SnapBack feature that exists quietly in Safari. It’s one of those items you’ve probably seen, but never used. This is what you see:

Search Results Snapback

This is Search Results Snapback

  • While in the same tab, tap History>Search Results SnapBack and you will automatically snap back to the first page of results found in response to the last search made in that tab.
  • There is another way. Tap Command + Option + S using your keyboard.

This is a handy command to remember, though it only works if you conduct your search using Safari’s address bar.

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