iPhone SE steals share from higher-priced iPhones

Jonny Evans

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  1. ViewRoyal says:

    Actually, the graph shows that the iPhone SE isn’t “stealing” from sales of iPhone 6S/6S Plus, it is augmenting those sales.

    The sales of high end iPhones always drops in the June quarter, since buyers start holding off until September to buy the new iPhones, or to buy the current iPhones at reduced price. So seeing less iPhone 6S/6S Plus models sold in June 2016 vs. those sold in March 2016, is par for the course.

    The graph only shows the estimated percentages of the total, but not the total numbers themselves, so seeing bars that are equal in length is misleading. Once we get actual sales figures to compare, it should become apparent that the iPhone SE isn’t competing with the iPhone 6S/6S Plus, it is augmenting those sales to people who either could not afford the high end iPhones, or preferred a smaller iPhone than the iPhone 6S..

  2. Jonny Evans says:

    I agree…. BUT — for me the big point is proliferation of the 64 bit chip.
    (I felt that i could have gone off on a tangent with your argument , but wanted to point to this idea more in this little blog)

  3. Jonny Evans says:

    (Hence the reference, “despite the anxious headlining”, I was attempting to download without making it the centre of the piece.

    Mea culpa

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