iOS 10: How to fix that annoying email ordering problem

The big reveal at WWDC, June 2016

The big reveal at WWDC, June 2016

There is a lot to like in iOS 10, but Apple’s slightly annoying decision to place your most recently received email at the bottom of the email thread isn’t one of them.

It’s because of this that when you try to open a threaded conversation to read your most recent email you find yourself madly scrolling down the page.

Here is how to fix this so the most recent email sits at the top of the threaded stack, making it a little easier to find:

  • Open Settings>Mail
  • In Mail Settings, enable the Most Recent Message on Top setting by ticking the checkbox to green (on)
  • in future, your most recent email will be easy to find when you open a thread.

Jonny Evans

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