Video: Watch Apple’s 10 best current iPhone tips


Apple likes to publish short videos to help its customers get more from their products.

The latest collection consists of ten bit-sized iPhone XS/XR/X tips you’ll be sure to use. I thought it might be helpful to put them all in one place so you could take a look.

Watch 10 iPhone tips Apple wants you to know

Apple isn’t the only outfit to share useful iPhone tips with others. I do a fair bit of tip-sharing myself, so before we get to Apple’s clips I thought I’d share six of my more recent tips for iPhone users:

You’ll save a lot of money using this tip.

Here are some of the unique features you’ll find in this model Apple smartphone.

How to make sure your best friends and family can still contact you, even when Do Not Disturb is switched on.

Making movies from the clips you’ve been collecting on your iPhone? You’ll get more out of those clips with these.

So simple they should have shared a memo, and so less-used some users still don’t know.

This is an essential tip for music fans, particularly by the pool with an XS.

Watch Apple’s current favorite iPhone tips

Apple’s useful tips help you take better photos, get tech support, use text to speech, get the plane and more. Here they are:

Easily access your boarding pass

Chat with an expert

Find the perfect shot

Use your face ID

iPhone and water spills

Use text to speech

Share photos without WiFi

Drive more safely

Search your photos

Reduce clutter when reading

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