How to move Siri’s voice between paired HomePods

I recently wrote a short review based on use of Apple’s excellent paired HomePod speakers (they are fantastic, by the way).

Moving Siri

In that review I voiced a little frustration because I hadn’t yet been able to figure out how to shift the speaker from which Siri’s voice emanates other than physically swapping them over. I needn’t have worried – thanks to a reader I now know how to do it and thought you might need to learn this, also.

How to move Siri between HomePods

I think Siri defaults in such a way as its voice emerges from the second HomePod you set-up.

That’s fine, but you may want Siri’s voice to come from the other speaker, and it isn’t clear what to do – there is no setting in the Home app, for example. Fortunately, the process of swapping Siri’s voice couldn’t be simpler:

  1. Long press the top of the HomePod you want Siri to come from.
  2. You’ll see the illumination flash off and on to show you it heard the instruction.
  3. The voice of Siri will now come from that HomePod.

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