How to monitor and cancel Apple app subscriptions

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Apple is pushing developers to offer their apps on a subscription basis. All those subscriptions quickly add up, so I thought it might be useful to quickly share how you can keep an eye on the subscriptions you take and also how to cancel them once you’ve stopped needing them.

How to monitor and cancel Apple app subscriptions

If you’ve ever subscribed to MUBI on your Apple TV, taken out an Apple Music membership, or signed-up for subs-based games then you’ll already have a subscription or two listed in your iTunes account. The only challenge is finding where they are kept. Here is everything you need to know:

The easiest way to check your App Subscriptions

Tap this link to open your iTunes page relating to your subscription accounts (you may need to log-in with your Apple ID.

  • You’ll see a list of active and expired subscriptions with an Edit button to the right.
  • Tap the Edit button and on the next page you’ll find more information about that subscription, how much it costs and any other subscription tariffs that might exist (Options).
  • To change to a different subscription tariff just check the round box beside it
  • You can also cancel your subscription using this box, just tap Cancel Subscription.
  • Click Done
  • You can also restart expired subscriptions here, just tap through to the details page relating to that subscription and reenable one of the options you see there.

How to monitor and cancel app subs on iPhone and iPad

Open the App Store on an iPhone or an iPad and tap your profile icon. On the next page tap your name at the top and then tap Subscriptions. Once again you will see your Active and Expired subscriptions and control them by tapping through to the relevant details page.

How to monitor and cancel app subs on a Mac or Windows

On a Mac or Windows system you’ll open iTunes>Store and then tap through to your Account details. Look for the section called Settings, right at the bottom there you’ll find Subscriptions. Tap Manage and you’ll be at the same page as you reach using this link.

How to monitor and cancel app subs on Apple TV

You can monitor and cancel subscriptions on your Apple TV, but only for apps you have installed on the device. It’s dead simple: Settings>Accounts>Subscriptions, select Manage Subscriptions. Here you can change the subscription format, or cancel it.

Where can I find out more information?

I’d start with Apple’s tech support note here.

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