How to Get a Faster iPad in Just Five Seconds

How to get a faster iPad in just five seconds

If you’ve been using your iPad or iPhone for a while you may find Safari pages load slower than they used to, and/or apps start to crash that have always been stable before.

Has this begun happening to you?

If so then make sure to remember this simple tip, which should speed up your iPhone (or iPad) in around five seconds.

Step one:

  • Hold down the power button till the ‘slide to power off’ slider appears.

Step two:

  • Don’t use the slider and don’t tap cancel, instead just hold down the Home button until the app screen appears (usually around five seconds).

And that’s it – you should see some immediate improvement in iPhone performance.

So what just happened?

Your iPhone will clear its memory (RAM) whenever it is fully switched off and restarted, but if you keep it active all the time it never gets the chance to flush it out. This tip lets you force the RAM to flush without going through a full restart –it can lead you to a faster iPhone in just over five seconds.

Now take a look at ten more tips for a faster iPhone (or iPad).

Jonny Evans

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3 Responses

  1. Ivor Janci says:

    Thank you, Jonny. Could you clarify for me the step regarding holding down the power button till the ‘slide to power off’ slider appears. Should one let go of the power button as soon as the ‘slide to power off’ appears, and then press on the Home button? If so, that doesn’t work for me. For my iPad 2, I have to keep holding down the power button even while I press the Home button to get a full restart.

    Thank you,


  2. Jonny Evans says:

    hey Ivor,

    Lots of people seem to be having trouble with this one.
    What should happen is;
    1.Hold the power button until the slide to power off appears
    2.Let go of the power button
    3. Do not touch the slider that has appeared
    4. With the slide to power off dialog still on the screen you should press and hold the Home button.
    5. Keep holding for a few moments
    6. The slide to power off dialog disappears to be replaced by the standard home screen.
    YOu shouldn’t be aware of much else, but your apps may become a little faster if they have slowed down, though you will experience no improvements if your apps are running fine in the first place.

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