Are you really surprised Apple Watch sales have collapsed?

Will an Apple Watch compete with Swatch?

Will an Apple Watch compete with Swatch?

OMFG! Apple Watch sales are down FIFTY-FIVE PERCENT, screams IDC.

So what?

I mean, are you really gonna act surprised?

Because it’s not just a new Watch we’re waiting for this fall, it’s also a new OS. And it’s not just the goddamn Watch, either, all the connected people know a new iPhone is also part of the new product launches we got to look forward too.

So — you need to use a Watch with a phone, right?

For the present, anyway…

So at this point the first thing the people’s gonna wanna buy will be the next iPhone. They’ll upgrade their Watch.

And the watchOS 3 upgrade we got to see at WWDC 2016 is packed with improvements that really will encourage people to upgrade the software on their device. And that’s just based on the things we’ve been told about so far. (Apple nearly always keeps a few details back).

The company is still working on ensuring its wearable device is more than a nice to have. It has to be a must have. Already no one else comes close. You know that’s true in your heart of hearts, surely?

So long as Watch is an accessory it will have peaks and troughs like this.

At this stage of the market, wearables are still an optional extra…

But when the new Watch ships just you wait and see — this will be the best selling smartwatch since the last best selling smartwatch. Also made by Apple.

It’s always this way.

This is an as expected “kids aren’t at school, should we have a summer holiday, oh no look the economy is collapsing, and oh what about the brexit, but hey, new products are coming” traditional pre-buying season lull.

I do concede that it is possible Apple won’t introduce its iPhone-independent, SIM-containing, smartwatch until 2017. On a two-year cycle. After all, how often do you want to replace your Watch?

But I do think reports of its demise have been somewhat exaggerated.


Jonny Evans

Watching Apple since 1999. I don't say what they should do. I say what they might do. They sometimes do.

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  1. C. Howitt Fielz says:

    It’s always fun for pundits to call the sales death of some Apple product but I’m not exactly sure why. I don’t see what is being gained by doing something like that. For one thing, most of the pundits swore AppleWatch was a product no one wanted and therefore a huge failure, anyway. If sales were that poor then a 55% AppleWatch sales crash wouldn’t have made much of an impact on Apple. An AppleWatch cost a lot more than the average fitness watch like a Fitbit, so why is there always so much of a comparison of the AppleWatch sales to cheaper fitness watches. Smartwatches have a long way to go for the mainstream public to be interested in them. Smartwatch sales are going to remain relatively low for a long time to come. The main thing I don’t like about smartwatches is how they have to be charged so often. I’d been used to wearing watches like the Casio Solar that never needs to be charged or my Garmin Vivofit which only needs the battery to be replaced every year or so.

  1. July 26, 2016

    […] think they’re wrong there and predict a big spike in sales just as soon as Apple does put a SiM inside the […]

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