Apple users: If you read iBooks, you need this

c/o Rocco/Flickr

c/o Rocco/Flickr

I travel, and when I do I’ve grown fond of bringing an iPad Pro stuffed with books, a little music and a movie or two, particularly on long plane journeys, but even the most enthusiastic media consumers need to know where to find new stuff to read.

That’s why I want to tell you about BookBub, a great eBook recommendation service that will send you daily emails to let you know about the latest on-offer titles it thinks you’ll enjoy.

The service has been around a while – it launched in 2012. I’ve only now begun using it, but it seems pretty good.

You subscribe, tell BookBub what kind of titles you are looking for, and will then be presented with regular emails offering discounted and free titles across your chosen genres from a range of providers, including Apple, Amazon, and others.

BookBub vets the titles you get told about, and charges for the privilege of including books in its lists. The company says just 10-20% of submissions are selected to be featured. I’m finding it a great (and affordable) way to stock up my library, including today’s discovery of a dystopian novel about what’s going to happen to humans once machine intelligence takes over the world, ‘The Last Firewall’.

If you like reading eBooks and can bear the thought of yet another regular email arriving in your in-box, it might be worth a look. The company reckons subscribers download around 7 books each every month.

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