Apple updates Accessibility pages with great content and more

It’s Global Accessibility Awareness Day, so Apple has updated the accessibility pages on its website, introducing new videos, information and an improved design, declaring:

‘Technology is most powerful when it empowers everyone’

The updated pages provide in-depth information concerning the accessibility features built into every Apple product, with sections for Mac, iPad, iPhone, Watch, TV and HomePod.

The upgraded pages also include a new Stories section, in which you can watch videos and download video transcripts explaining how people use those features in numerous real-world situations.

The main title page explains the technologies Apple provides, including:

  • VoiceOver
  • Display Accommodations
  • Magnifier
  • Text controls
  • Zoom
  • Live Listen
    Closed Captioning
  • Switch Control
  • Assisitive Touch
  • Siri
  • Wheelchair and Activity
  • Speak Screen
  • Safari Reader
  • Guided Access

And many more.

Even FaceID can transform life for someone with severe physical or motor skill challenges – users can get into their iPhone with just a glance.

Apple was first

Apple’s dedication to accessibility in its products has a long history. With over a billion iOS devices in use today it can claim its products have become the most widely used assistive devices in the world.

  • Apple was the first to make a touchscreen accessible for people who are blind or low vision with the introduction of VoiceOver on iPhone in 2009.
  • Apple was the first to put TTY support directly onto a smartphone, making it easier for the deaf or hard of hearing to make and receive calls.
  • Apple created the first technology enabling a direct Bluetooth connection between a smartphone and hearing aids and cochlear implants.
  • Apple was also the first to provide on-device switch control to navigate a smartphone for those with extreme physical motor limitations.

Apple in-store sessions

Apple’s retail stores are a big part of the company’s work to empower people through its products. In recognition of Global Accessibility Awareness Day, Apple is hosting events around the world to promote inclusive design and emphasize how technology can support all people with disabilities.

Throughout May, all Apple stores will host accessibility-related events and sessions for customers. On May 17 Apple corporate locations in Cupertino, Austin, Cork and London will also hold events. Since 2017, Apple has held over 10,000 accessibility sessions across the globe.

Apple today is presenting special accessibility events at some of its biggest retail stores. These include:

The company offers regular Today At Apple accessibility sessions aimed at making it easier for people who need to use such tools to enjoy better access to those tools.

During those sessions, the company teaches people the following skills:

  • Voiceover for iPad and iPhone
  • Using Apple Watch with vision loss
  • iPad and iPhone with vision loss
  • Using Mac with vision loss
  • Using Mac with hearing loss
  • Using iPad and iPhone with hearing loss
  • Using devices with reduced mobility
  • Voiceover for Mac
  • Literacy tools on iPad and iPhone

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