How To End iCloud ‘Approval Request’ Overkill

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This happens: You are using your iOS device in the ordinary way, when seemingly for no reason you begin to receive persistent instances in which the ‘approval request sent’ pop-up appears on the device, demanding you approve use of that device from another of your iCloud-registered devices.

Not normal

It’s a security feature, but it’s one that’s gone a little too far — usually you can simply approve the device using another system that’s logged into iCloud, or vis, but sometimes what then happens is you continue to experience these constant nag messages. The problem seems to relate to iCloud services servers in a similar way to that flaw in which open Safari windows on other devices seem unavailable. The response is also the same:

Turn it off and turn it on again

  • Open Settings>iCloud>iCloud Keychain
  • Flick the toggle to off
  • Hold down the Sleep/Wake buttons on your device, then power off using the slider when it appears. Wait a moment until you switch it on again.
  • Open Settings>iCloud>iCloud Keychain
  • Flick the toggle to on
  • You’ll be asked for your iPhone and iCloud password.

Has this worked for you? If not, then do keep an eye on this Apple Support thread for other ideas.

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2 Responses

  1. Granville Kennedy says:

    My nag screens seem to appear on the lock screen after a period of non-use of my iPhone. (Can’t use it at work…) My pass code seems to be the correct answer to the nag screen, so it gets sent automatically when I unlock my phone. Possibly excessive, yes, but as more important info is on my iCloud account, and I don’t often check my email away from home, I can live with the minor inconvenience.

  2. Jasha says:

    it won’t let me press ok or anything so when I open my phone the notification shows up on my screening I can’t do anything about it please help me with. my issue

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