7 hidden iOS tricks you’ll probably use

Thanks to Craig Myran Photography

Thanks to Craig Myran Photography

With over 50 percent of iOS users already using iOS 10 and iPhone 7 sales set to reach new records, I thought some readers may want to take a look at these less well-known iOS 10 tips.

Fast Camera

The fastest way to get to the Camera app on a locked iPhone is to slide your finger from the right to the left of the display. Boom. You’re there!

Old Home

If you miss Slide to Unlock and don’t like Press to Unlock as much you might want to try the following tip; Open Settings>General>Accessibility>Home Button and toggle ‘Rest Finger to Open’ to on (green). The on-screen message will remain the same but your iPhone will open just by pressing the Home button with a registered finger.

Who is calling?

Siri can speak to you to let you know who is calling. Enable this in Settings>Phone>Announce Calls. You can choose to have this kick in all the time, or only when you are using headphones (for privacy’s sake).

Invert this

Another Accessibility tip you might want to use: In Settings>General>Accessibilty>Accessibility Shortcut> tick Invert Colors. Now when you triple tap the Home button you can put your display into an ultra dark mode.


I use this a lot. Settings>General>Accessibilty>Magnifier toggle to On (green), now when you triple-click the Home button you can choose to use iPhone as a magnifying glass.

Find my.. Watch

Find My iPhone now lets you find your Apple Watch, too. You can have your Watch let out a shriek to help you find it, have it display a custom message on the screen, or delete it completely. The only snag is that these aren’t a lot of use if your Watch isn’t on a network.

Trad stopwatch

Did you know your iPhone just became a traditional stopwatch? To get to it just open the Clock app, tap Stopwatch and then swipe left to find the more traditional stopwatch face.

Want more tips? I got loads, just take a look.

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