69% U.S. gadget shoppers want an Apple product, Gazelle data suggests

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This Black Friday may be yet another Apple sales day. A Gazelle survey suggests around two-thirds of Americans hope to get hold of an iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad or Mac this season.

Though Android is very much in the picture.

What the survey said

Gazelle asked survey respondents: “If there is a consumer electronic device on your holiday wish list, which would it be?”

The survey is a little questionable as it wasn’t entirely open-ended, it defined six different options people could choose from, and “none of the above” wasn’t an option. What products were on the list?

  • Apple Watch
  • Google Pixel
  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • MacBook
  • Samsung Galaxy

It is worth pointing out that just two items on the pre-selected list came from anyone but Apple…

What are the results?

Apple Orchard Road, Singapore

Gazelle says 44% of Americans hope to get a consumer electronics device this year.

Here’s what they plan to get:

  1. Samsung Galaxy (23%)
  2. iPhone (22%)
  3. Apple Watch (17%)
  4. iPad (16%)
  5. MacBook (14%)
  6. Google Pixel (8%)

What’s the take-away?

It’s impossible to be sure with a survey like this, in part that is because the question defined the answers to a certain extent, and there was no ‘not these’ option.

All the same, the results lead me to conclude:

  1. Apple’s still very popular in America.
  2. Android represents somewhere for the ‘time of Apple is over’ fanbois to go.
  3. It’s hard not to imagine Apple’s new high-price iPhones may be out of the reach of consumers who might otherwise have wanted one of its smartphones.
  4. Apple Watch looks set for yet another strong Christmas.

Overall, the top electronic brand of choice for consumers appear to be Apple products at 69%, which means shoppers will be looking hard for bargains on those iThings on Black Friday/Cyber Monday this time around. It will also be interesting to see if this is the same in the UK.

(Smartphones top wish lists this year according to Gazelle’)

Other data?

  • 30 percent of consumers are hoping for electronic devices as gifts
  • 12 percent are holding out for smartphone deals
  • 16 percent are holding out for tablet bargains.

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