How to Create a PDF From Any App on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

Many thanks to Camilo Rueda Lopez and Flickr

Do you ever want to create a PDF of a webpage you are visiting, or from inside any other app? Do you get frustrated when you don’t see this option in your Share menu? There is no need to be — all you need is this simple tip:

  • When inside any app (such as Safari) tap the Share item.
  • Tap the Print icon
  • The Printer Options field will appear. This lets you pick your printer, choose the number of prints, and define if you want to print in colour or not. It also provides an image of the item you are trying to print/make a PDF of.
  • Instead, either 3D Touch the image, or use two fingers to pinch out on the image of the item you want to create a PDF of.
  • The image enters preview mode and fills the screen.
  • In this mode it has already been turned into a PDF.
  • Now tap the Share button you see in this page and choose where to send your PDF. You’ll be able to email it, save it to Evernote, even pop it inside the Notes app.

I use this when I’m researching stories. It lets me do so much more with web pages than the default Safari options.

NB: It is possible in some applications to create a PDF to save directly into iBooks, but this may not always be what you want to do.


Jonny Evans

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2 Responses

  1. Bertrand Vichyn says:

    No print option within “share” on my safari. Instead after “share” I have the option “export as pdf”.

  2. Ronald Quint says:

    Good one! Thank you I will remember that one! I really like and use airprint alot, and this will help me!

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