13 things you didn’t know about Apple’s new MacBook Pro


iFixit has published its teardown of the new 13-inch (without Touch Bar) MacBook Pro and it contains a treasure trove of interesting information about the new Macs.

  • The only model that retains Function keys, the new Macs are remarkable for their extra long Esc key.
  • The 54.5-watt battery is 25 percent smaller than last year’s model, but is far more energy efficient, meaning it gives equal battery life.
  • There’s a new spring mechanism to help close the Mac lid
  • The new Butterfly 2.0 keyboard keys are a little taller at the edges and a little more responsive in use
  • The advanced thermal architecture Apple promised apparently consists of moving the heat sink.
  • The 3.5-mm headphone port now has enough space inside the Mac that it could “easily” be replaced with a USB-C connector in future. It’s also modular which the teardown people speculate will make it easier to replace.
  • The SSD is replaceable and controlled by Apple’s own SSD controller.
  • RAM is soldered to the board
  • There is no AirPort/Bluetooth card, this functionality is now embedded in the logic board.
  • Apple makes an SSD controller and other chips inside the Mac
  • This Mac has a 2/10 repairability score. While just six screws secure the back you need to use a suction cup to open some invisible clips that hold it in place. Interestingly (to trivia fans), those clips serve to stiffen the ultra thin case.
  • The hinge protector also serves as the antenna
  • The hinges are likely to be injection molded.

Who is inside the MacBook Pros? In no particular order, identified component manufacturers include: Intel, ST Microelectroncs, Broadcom, SanDisk, Texas Instruments, Micron, Skhynix, USI, Winbond, Cirrus Logic, Intersil, National Semiconductor, NXP,

Take a look at the iFixit report.

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