Video: This is How Apple Plans for iPhone Launch Days

I’m not so concerned about the lack of queues for iPhone 8. We all know the real iPhone launch won’t take place until next month when Apple starts selling the iPhone X.

We can surmise availability of that product will be constrained, and we can assume that some of those currently holding out for the future smartphone will end up picking up an iPhone 8, as they won’t want to wait any longer.

That’s what this poll suggests.


There’s a lot going on.

Apple made this clip

Meanwhile, here’s an interesting video from BuzzFeed that takes us (they claim) ‘behind the scenes’ as to how Apple plans its launches.

Given this is a movie about Apple, I’m minded to think this isn’t quite as behind the scenes as you might hope, but it’s interesting all the same. Also interesting is how after quite a lengthy period of relative quiet, Apple now seems to be pushing Angela Ahrendts into the limelight. I wonder what that means? My spider-sense (guesswork, sorry) tells me “watch this space”.

Here’s the video:


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