The iPhone queues are alive and well in Samsung country


This little gem should amuse any Apple user.

“Telecom stores and boutique electronics retailers across South Korea flooded with Apple fanatics all day Friday in hot pursuit of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, with lines of 200 at some of the biggest stores before opening hours,” notes Forbes.

Apple held 17 percent of the smartphone market in Samsung country this summer, so there is a lot to play for, but this line from the report is very revealing:

“The three major telecoms reported record preorders, double the demand for the iPhone 6 and selling out as quickly as 15 minutes for 50,000 units. “

This matters because iPhone 6 peaked at 33 percent of smartphone demand when it shipped. That doesn’t mean Apple just caught 66 percent of demand, of course, but it’s a good sign. Also revealing is the claim that “Galaxy Note 7 defectors made up 20% of .. iPhone 7 preorders” at South Korean Apple reseller, Willy’s.

The new iPhone has attracted similar levels of success internationally.

Put it all together and you’ve got what seems set to be the biggest smartphone model launch in Samsung’s home country since the launch of the last iPhone.

Not only this, but many Samsung loyalists are from the older generation — Apple is the brand of choice for young consumers. Losing consumer trust at the same time as becoming less relevant must be poor medicine for the firm.

Exploiting this opportunity, Apple will open its first retail store in South Korea next year.



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