Homes getting smarter as smart speaker sales slow — report

Apple’s HomePod appears to be slipping in market share according to the latest claims from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, who told me Apple’s slice of the market by share fell a percentage point across the last quarter.

HomePod adoption slows?

In the just gone quarter CIRP analysis indicates that within the US installed base of devices, the HomePod took just 5 percent market share, down from 6 percent in the previous quarter.

The US installed base of smart speaker devices is 53 million units, CIRP said, which suggests Apple has now sold in the region of 2.65 million HomePods in the U.S. since launch.

The research also seems to show some coolness in the segment, with just three million units sold since the end of the June 2018 quarter. “Amazon Echo has 70% of the installed base, with Google Home at 25% and Apple HomePod at 5%,” the analysts said.

“Growth in smart speaker ownership slowed in the September quarter, after several quarters of rapid increases,” said Josh Lowitz, Partner and Co-Founder of CIRP. “Among Echo, Home, and HomePod, shares of the installed base have settled in, with no real changes in the past few quarters.

Homes are also getting smarter

CIRP also noted that more and more homes that have already invested in a smart speaker solutions are now deploying other smart home devices.

“Smart speakers have largely created the market for smart homes,” said Mike Levin, Partner and Co-Founder of CIRP.

“While most of the security systems preceded their owners first smart speaker purchase, three-quarters of the lighting/outlet accessory owners and 60% of the smart thermostat owners purchased them after they started to use a smart speaker in their home. Even though consumers can use many of these accessories over a smartphone app or web-based portal, owning a smart speaker motivated them to buy these accessories.”

That’s particularly interesting as the cyber-shopping season approaches at the end of the month, suggesting millions of HomePod owners will be searching for cool HomeKit devices for their homes.

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