Cut the BS: Devs are NOT losing interest in Apple Watch

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Realm is boosting its social media profile today on strength of some report which suggests the company claims developers are “losing interest” in Apple Watch — even though that’s not what Real is saying!

This is based on the company’s own figures which seem to show, “For every 1,000 new iOS apps being built, there are 10 tvOS apps and maybe one Watch app.”

This has been reported in some quarters as meaning developers are “losing interest” in Apple Watch development, but that’s pure and utter bullshit.

While its statistics are used to support that specious argument, even Real makes no such a claim.

Far from making such a claim, company VP, Tim Anglade instead points out that Apple is working to make sure apps can run independently on the Apple Watch without needing an iPhone for connectivity, and developers are waiting to see how this will work among the host of announcements expected at WWDC.

So rather than losing interest in developing Apple Watch apps, developers are hanging back on such development while they wait for the new watchOS and new Apple Watch model. They are waiting for the Apple Watch with a built in SIM – as that’s when the watch will truly become smart.

And when that appears I reckon we’ll see a great deal of activity in Apple Watch development. Meantime I’ll continue to decode the bull, I hope you join me.

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Jonny Evans

Watching Apple since 1999. I don't say what they should do. I say what they might do. They sometimes do.

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  1. George Providakes says:

    Since SIMs are not part of iPad or iPhone it seems unlikely that will happen for Apple Watch. And these devices seem plenty smart.

    However, I agree the Apple Watch needs HW and SW enhancements to bring more apps, but I suspect this is really really hard in such a small package.

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